UK Prescription Data

This week we got to play with an enormous data set supplied by EXASOL; More than 700 million rows. The server was located in Germany and considering the size and distance you’d figure latency would be the death of this exercise. NOT SO. At one point I connected to my cell phone hot spot and was blown away by how responsive the data set was. Simply incredible.

With a data set this large, and no pharmaceutical background I tried to make it as personal as possible. My heritage is from the UK, both in family name (Bradbourne) and my parents birthplaces. I am currently being treated for high blood sugar and recently tussled with insurance over he cost of the drugs… so it couldn’t have been more personal.

Nothing earth shattering in design he. Found a nice England flag to quarter off the dashboard, then created spark line charts and an information square in the lower middle of the chart that changed based on which chart you were hovering over.

Enjoy the Viz

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