Sydney Ferry Utilization

This week examined the Transport Sydney Ferries data, and the number of passengers, the class of ticket and the destination over a 6 month period.

I was stumped when I first got the data and I wasn’t sure really what I wanted to do, but what I landed on I ended up really liking and I’m going to lay out a few of the things I did (by request! Thanks again!)

I knew that I wanted to do a polygon map, to give context to where the destinations were, but the challenge was how to display the additional data. First, the map; a quick Google image search gave me a lovely high-resolution image of the ferry network. I saved it off and grabbed the URL for good measure and headed over to the Interworks Drawing Tool to create my polygon map. A few clicks later I had my map, saved it as a CSV file and added it as a secondary data source.

From there I added the a background image attached to the polygonmap data source and set the image, the size and X/Y axis information.

From here, I added the X to the columns and the Y to the rows, made a slight adjustment to the axis (i.e. set he axis to match the image size), added the Point field to the path and the Shape as a detail. You end up with something like this:

Next, change the color transparency to zero and you’ll have a primed map ready for data.

Next, I decided to use an old hack that has always been one of my favorites from Andy Cotgreave; adding bar charts to tool tips. The blog I referenced is here.

In short, I grouped the class of fare in to 4 buckets, mainly driven by the large population of Adult tickets (over 70%) and created “bars” for each class that looked like this:

ROUND((SUM([Adult Fare Passenger Count])/SUM([Passengers]))*100))

I also created a corresponding percentage to add to the tooltip, so that the end result ended up looking like this:

The next thing I did was to create a custom color legend. This is simply a worksheet with the fare class as a Row and as the color on the Marks card. Changed the visualization to a circle and set the colors.


Lastly, I added a text object and included some “Fast Facts” around the data analysis, some formatting and I was done.

Here is a link to the final result. please feel free to download the workbook and dissect it as needed!

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