Top 20 Dutch Vehicles

This week’s data set came from the Netherlands, analyzing the vehicles purchased by their citizens. Because the underlying data was in Dutch, I went through the exercise of translating all the additional text in to Dutch as that would be my ‘expected audience’.

Because the data is static, the translation in this instance is easy. I spent some quality time on Google Translate and trusted that they got it right. If this was a more robust application, the localization process, and options available, can be a bit daunting. For more information on that process, I suggest checking here, here and here to start your research.

A couple of execution notes:

  • The colored circles on the right side will filter the chart for that car color. I used a worksheet as a legend of sorts to accomplish this.
  • Placing the quantity of cars and the average catalog cost on a dual axis to show one against the other was accomplished by adding a ‘ *-1 ‘ in the shelf to reverse the bar. Then in the label I placed the field without the sign switch and hid the axis labels.
  • For the arrow at the top, pointing to the car color palette, I’ve started to use ASCII codes which I have been finding here.

The Viz

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