#VizForSocialGood – LATAM Youth Unemployment

I’m slowly starting to remember that at one point, early in my carer, I was a web developer… and a fairly creative one. I’ve been so wrapped up in the “data” for so long that the creative/arty/expressive side of me was being repressed. I’m slowly starting to recapture some of my creative side thanks to some conversations with Pooja Gandhi (one half of the Data Duo) and others in the #MakeOverMonday community.

This week was cool in the fact that is was part of #VizForSocialGood; so it had purpose outside of just getting better at data visualization. There was a branding guide that provided a color palette, logo and font. Unfortunately, the font isn’t available in Tableau Public.

The data was reflective of Latin America’s youth unemployment problem. I wanted to viz to tell the story, with the actual visualization part being minimal. What I ended up with was on the line between infographic and dashboard.

The first part of the Viz was a simple map showing the youth unemployment rate on a color gradient.With a text box overlay showing the gap between Adult and Youth unemployment.

To the right I create a single worksheet that summarized the numbers for Economically Active, Formally and Informally Employed, and Unemployed at a regional level.

Continuing down the viz, was a statement from an accompanying article, and the percentage/numbers of youth who are not studying, not working and in some cases not looking for work (NINIs and NININIs respectively) with an image of Latin American youth super-imposed (Thanks for the pointer, Pooja!)

The Viz


*Named Tableau Public Viz of the Day on May 16th

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