The Decline of Drinking in the U.K.

This week’s data set was a bit of a challenge, only because the data was not additive, so one had to be careful as to not misconstrue the data inadvertently (like I did on my first iteration… percentage difference of a percent.. bad choice)

I ended up just looking at the high level story, and the appearance of a decline in “binge” drinking (5 days out of a week) among all those surveyed. A lot of question got floated on twitter about the quality of data, the method of data collection and the consistency of said data collection. In the end, it is was it is… so I just rolled with it.

I was inspired design wise by Shine Pulikathara’s Iron Viz winner from 2015 in regards to color palette. Keeping it simple with a black and white, newspaper like feel.

I simple overlay of a drinking man’s silhouette capped it off, with an annotation about a possible cause for the decline in drinking that I found around the smoking ban that occurred in 2007… I will say it’s not causation, just observation.

Trying something new this week, and embedding the viz. Enjoy!

The Viz

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