Slowly Closing the Digital Divide in Africa

This week’s dataset had everything to do with internet access around the world. Having done some reading about internet access in Africa, and what it’s advancement could mean for economic growth in the region I figured that would be a good place to start.

I initially tried to compare Africa with the rest of the world, but while Africa is making advancement, with year over year growth, it is simply dwarfed by the rest of the world.

Do you know all the countries that make up Africa? I could maybe name 30-40% of them. So what did I do? I figured out a new trick (new to me at least)

Step #1 – Add the countries and make a simple map

Step #2 – Use the Lasso Tool and select the continent of Africa (if you accidentally get to many countries, hold CTRL and click the countries you don’t want to deselect them.)


Step #3 – Hover over one of the countries till the tool tip pops up and Create a Set


Step #4 – Use that set as your filter

Once I had successfully identified all the African countries, I started to play with the data. With the inconstant years of data (i.e. 1990 jumps to 2000, then to 2005, 2010, and then starts giving stats for each year.) I focused on the last 6 years a settled on a slope chart to show the growth.

I create a parameter to highlight individual countries, and created a small worksheet that would fit inside Africa to show the latest percentage for that country.

Enjoy! (Format was too wide this week, so I’m back to links)

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