100 Years of the National Parks Service

I love national parks! In addition I love the fact that the data shows that visitation to the parks has grown! This week’s #MakeoverMonday data set looked at visitors to all areas of the National Parks Service, but I chose to focus on the current 53 “National Parks” by both growth and recreational visitation.

I kept it very simple this week. Two area charts make up the majority of the viz, with two smaller bar charts adding context and detail. I also included to annotations that summarized the line chart allowing me to remove the axis rulers without losing the message.

I floated a blank over the two line chart to stop hover/selection action. Because of the dual axis I used to create the light/dark area/line chart… the selection looked pretty bad. Then I floated the two bar charts on top of the blank to utilize the tool tips.

The last thing I added was the annotation for the dip in visitors during World War II. That historical event continues to amaze me on the ways it effected everything in the world at that time.

The Viz

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