California Wheezing

This week we got another big data set courtesy of EXASOL, but because of timing I didn’t get to play with it in Desktop, so I had to settle for a pre-packaged dataset. It was still big, so it was irrelevant in the end. The data was based on Ozone levels in the United States, a very important topic despite what some people say… but I digress.

Like any big data set, and a time boxed project, finding the story is hard. I started in my current home area, Ohio, but the data didn’t ‘move’ enough to be visually interesting, to execute my presentation idea. I slowly walked back through all the places I lived and ended up in California. California has some of the worst air conditions, but have also done a lot to combat pollution. Bingo.

The trick with this one was to set the coloring in a similar fashion to the EPA’s measurement ratings. In my original version I let California’s measurements set the high and low limits, but that gave a false reading of Hazardous if you weren’t paying attention to scale, so I had to fix the high and low limits, and set “steps” to make it close to the EPA’s scale.

To accomplish this, from the Color Legend, select Edit Color, and click Advanced.

Check the Stepped Color box, and set the Start and End points of the range. You can also adjust the Center point if needed.

Overall I liked the way this turned out, and with the hover dashboard actions that effects the county breakdown it makes for a nice visual.



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