#MakeOverMonday Catch Up Blog Post!

Since I changed jobs I’ve been very negligent in my posting! So here is a quick synopsis and list of recent Make Over Monday submissions!

Le Tour de France  Cool topic this week, and very interesting to see the change in the race over time, both from a length and size, but also the distance and speed.

White House Staff Stats  This week was all about the changes in staff between President Obama, and 45. Nothing ground breaking in the work, but I love the way the layout ended up.

Water Footprints   For this week it was all about water usage and the food we consume. Again, nothing ground breaking.

Southeast Asia Game – Thailand Volleyball DominancThis week’s dataset was really challenging, so finding a story was a must. After pouring over the data for 3o minutes or so, I finally found a story to work with. Remind me never to play volleyball in Thailand! This week I did a pure mobile layout… looks great on the iPhone.

India’s Lack of Functioning Toilets  This week’s dataset was great, but heartbreaking. Having done some work on the Viz For Social Good project for Central Asia Institute I am more aware about the struggles of women in the Middle East. It was sad to learn that the same holds true in India. The smallest things that we take for granted can make all the difference between huge milestones in life.

Did the Declining Real Estate Market Effect Birth Rates? This week I ended up trashing my original viz and changing the story. Plus, I wanted to do my first marginal histogram. In playing with the data I found a dip after the house bubble (especially in Ohio) and I had my story.

Eclipses in the Common Era  Eclipse week was fun! Both the actually event and the data. It’s mind blowing that thanks to Math we can predict solar eclipses out for centuries, and pinpoint where and when they happened back before the common era! MATH! I have to skinny down the scope to the last 2000 years, but what I ended up with I really liked.

NFL Arrests since 2000 Are you ready for some football? How about prison? Interesting analysis on arrests of players the NFL. I did something this week that I hadn’t see before. Using my heat map as a guide, looking at the data by year and division. I then broke the arrests down by month and in season verses out of season, and did a half-marginal histogram (I honestly don’t know what to call it). I was so unsure I submitted it for the Makeover Monday Viz Review sessions, and Andy gave me the thumbs up on it, so I may have to use that again.

Stolen Bikes in the Cleveland UK  Cool things about me… my parents are from England. Even cooler is that I live in Cleveland, and my mom is from Cleveland, in England. So the story this week focused on bike thefts in her home town.

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