Viz For Social Good and Data for a Cause

These two programs are awesome, and it’s a great for me me to give back to something bigger than myself. Here are a couple of projects I’ve done recently for these two awesome organizations. To learn more about them, please click the links below!

Viz for Social Good

Data for a Cause

The first one I did was Pets for Patriots, a great organization that matches up out military vets with awesome pets whom otherwise might not get adopted. The pictures and stories are heart warming and they do such amazing work.

My viz was build in the spirit of locating participating veterinarians and animal shelters, with an easy way yo access their contact information. Secondly, I wanted to highlight how the organization works, and why it’s so important. Click the image to interact with the viz!

I’ve been lucky enough to complete two projects for Viz for Social Good. Both of them focused on the work the the United Nations Development Groups do throughout the world. The first examined the actual projects they work on, and where that happened. The second focused on the survey they conduct to find out what is most important to the responders and how they think things are improving. Take a look!

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