Cleveland Rocks! My Love Letter to Cleveland

I love Cleveland… when I do vizzes in the greater Tableau Community, if I can focus on Cleveland I do. So when the Home Town Throw Down came up for Tableau User Group Leaders I was really excited!

Cleveland has so much to offer, but it seems like the bad stuff that happened in the past seem to shape the conversation. The city and business leaders have worked hard since 2009 or so in trying to reshape that image, emphasize the positives and promote how awesome Cleveland is to the rest of the world!

…and it’s working!

The Mistake on the Lake, the place where water can catch of fire, the Factory of Sadness… we’ve heard it all before, but Cleveland is the come back city!

I took the opportunity to take data from and enhance the story with my own passion. I highlighted the weather… it ain’t so bad, how the world is reacting now to Cleveland… it’s all positive, the attractions… they are amazing, and the food… OMG the food!

Seriously, come visit Cleveland… oh, and check out my Viz

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