African Youth Mentorship Network

Viz For Social Good’s latest project is featuring the African Youth Mentorship Network. I proud to continue to support Viz for Social Good and all the amazing organizations it features. My hope is that in some way, all the visualizations that get created move the needle just a little bit and make this world a little better for those who experience any kind of torment or trouble in their daily lives.

My viz marks my first “long form” style dashboard, and I think it turned out well. To me, the statistics around male role models in young boy’s lives is startling, and I lead me to the “Black and White” theme that broke the viz in two. The top section featured relevant statistics around the lack of a positive male role model (generally a father), and the effects on education, behavior, suicide rates, and runaways.

Africa had a rate of children being orphaned that is double Asia and Latin America, which I shows in the combination Line/Area chart. Using the blue from the AYMN  branding guide, I then created a transparent image and overlaid the image on the chart.

The rest of the visualization is text, explaining the BECOME program, and providing information to donate to AYMN or to contact them in hopes of getting more volunteers and mentors.

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