Singapore’s Building Accessibility (#MakeoverMonday Week 50)

This week’s data set was looking at building accessibility in Singapore and the elderly population in Singapore’s sub-zones (counties).

A couple of things about this viz that I read like, that I don’t think I’ve bogged about before so here it goes.

BYOL – Build Your Own Legend

Sometime the Tableau out of the box legend is enough, and sometime you want something more. In this case because of the description around the score I wanted to incorporate those things with the color legend.

To accomplish this, I created a new worksheet and added the Friendliness Level Category to the Rows Shelf. Next, I added the Friendliness Level Description and Avg Level of Friendliness to the Text Marks Card. I also add the Level of Friendliness to the Color Marks Card as well. Next, I want to fill the entire cell with the color, so I created a calculation that is called “1” and it just has the number 1 as the calculation. I aggregate that to the Average and then add that to the Size Marks Cards. A bit of formatting and adjusting and BOOM, you’ve go a legend. The same technique works for colored shapes as well, where you can add the shape, color and text rather than have them separated by default with Tableau’s legends.

Now You See it, Now you Don’t

Next, and this is by far my current favorite trick, was making the sheets disappear and reappear based on interactivity. I learned this trick from Pooja Gandhi as part of her Joy of Paint viz for the Data Duo. There are three steps to executing this trick.

  1. On your detail/hidden worksheet, make sure you have a dimension in the rows or columns shelf and uncheck the Show Header option. Without this element, the sheet won’t “disappear”
  2. Floating your “hidden” sheet, unfiltered, on your dashboard.
  3. Adding a filter action (hover or select work best IMHO) with the Source and your main worksheet and the floater as your Target sheet. Be sure and check the “exclude all values” option on the target sheet for when there is no selection

Feel free to download my workbook and take a look if you have questions.

After the #MakeOverMonday Viz Review, I made an adjustment to the visualization and added a second floating sheet the became visible when you interact with the first floating sheet. Kind of a neat cascading effect. This may be one of my favorite Makeover Monday vizzes this year.

The Viz


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