Sons of Hierarchies

Valentines Spending

Ah, my least favorite holiday… Valentines spending is crazy… people buy for their pets. This week’s data was all about VD spending… Who and What we spend our money on…  

Chicago Taxis

This weeks data was all about Chicago taxi usage… and more importantly the decline. No comparative data to Uber or Lyft, but one can only assume that the rise of the Ride… Read Article →

Trump Tweets

I struggled with this one… I was ready to give up on my New Year’s Resolution because I despised the data set and subject. ¬†I found a reason to Viz; learning. I’ve… Read Article →


Sometimes finding the story in the data is the hardest part. This week I started all over the road, looking at presidents in office and creating a grouping on the political party…. Read Article →

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